Partial and complete dentures

Partial Denture

Partial denture replace our few teeth. The denturologist will explain the steps to have a denture adapted to your needs.

Complete Denture

Complete dentures replace all missing teeth. There are important rules to follow once the denture was done. If adjustments are necessary, the denturologist will do that on demand in respect with your comfort, health and esthetics.

Denture on Implants

Placing implants can be a permanent solution for your missing teeth and also can bring stability to an existing denture that has been removed.

Denture on implants is a product in high demand. The team-work between the denturologist and the surgeon can give you the best denture. You will find again your confidence because your facial expressions will be replaced with a more youthful appearance.

Call and make an appointment! Our team will be please to answer your questions and talk about your particular needs. Thank you for your confidence!