Cosmetic Dentistry

The smile is the beauty institute of the face - Robert Sabatier

Dental Veneers

Everybody wants to have a nice smile, white teeth and make sure they are well aligned. We offer you veneers, they are durable and the procedure is not at all invasive. We can do composite veneers in the office (1 appointment) or porceline veneers (2 office appointments).

With the veneers we can improve the appearance of the shape, the color, the texture and even the spaces between your teeth. The decision is yours, but don`t forget the dentist must first evaluate if the veneers are the treatment for you.

Snap on Smile

It is a non-invasive device, the procedure is totally reversable, painless and not expensive to change your smile. It is used to replace missing teeth, spaces between the teeth or crooked teeth. First appointment we`ll take an impression of your teeth, 2 weeks after we`ll place the Snap on Smile. You`ll be amazed!

Call and make an appointment! Our team will be please to answer your questions and talk about your particular needs. Thank you for your confidence!