Our Team

Our team is formed by passionate people that love their profession. Each member respects the values of our clinic: the respect, confidentiality, and performance. A team formed by dental surgeons, specialists, denturologists, hygienists and administrative personnel who are here to offer you the best care possible.

Dr. Madlen Gardus
Owner, Dental Surgeon

Doctor Madlen Gardus, a dentist who respects her profession and her patients.

Doctor Madlen Gardus received her diploma in 1990 from The Faculty of Dentistry in Bucharest, Romania and in 1999 from the Faculty of Dentistry at the Universite de Montreal.

A dentist dedicated to her profession and to her patients, Dr. Gardus, during her career has continued her education with numerous courses that allowed her to be on the edge of new techniques. Her experience allows her to be able to put the right diagnostic and provide the most appropriate treatment. The fidelity and the appreciation of her patients is proof of the quality of work that she does.

Dr. Gardus is known to build and keep professional term relationships with her patients based on respect.

Dr. Hrair der Kevorkian
Dental Surgeon

We are proud to have among us Dr. Hrair Der Kevorkian, an excellent dentist, devoted to his profession and very appreciated by his patients.

Dr. Der Kevorkian received his diploma from Faculty of Dentistry, at the Universite de Montreal in 1971 and with more than 46 years of experience he represents a model of long term relationship with his patients.

Presently he works Tuesdays and Wednesdays in view of his retirement.

Dr. Oussama El-Housseini
Maxillo Facial Surgeon

Dr. Oussama El-Housseini received his degree in Dentistry in 1978 at the University of Cluj, Romania followed by a 4 year specialty program in maxillo-facial surgery at the Universite de Laval.

Dr. El-Housseini has taken a lot of courses in sciences, related to implantology like prosthetics on implants and soft tissue management. Dr. El-Housseini is very active in the clinical research fields. We are privileged to have him in our team as a maxillo-facial surgeon specialist.

He performs implant surgery, sinus lift, apectomy, byopsies, impacked wisdom teeth surgeries and bone graft.